1. Amanda
    I love running Bugs n Bones, i love introducing exotic animals to children and engaging them into the world of reptiles. Education is my focus. I want to educate the world in the husbandry of reptiles and exotics, i want to provide a point of contact for new and current owners. I want to spread the excitement and interest in these incredible creatures.
  2. Sandra
    I have 4 children, all of which love animals. We have our own mini zoo with corn snakes, bearded dragons, geckos and chinese water dragons. I enjoy working with adults and children with disabilities, to see the look on their faces when we introduce them to some of our creatures is amazing.
  3. Leila
    I love working with children and animals and have my own mini zoo at home with a tarantula, bearded dragon, snakes and turtles. I enjoy working at Bugs n Bones events, we are always busy and i get a huge amount of pleasure seeing people overcome fears at them.
  4. Annabel
    I love animals and love working for Bugs. My Mum wont let me have any pets so i treat the Bugs animals as my own. I only work weekends and during the holidays and love doing parties.
  5. Josh
    I have had my own reptiles in the past. A chameleon and 2 turtles which i loved as well as a rabbit. I enjoy animals and love helping out with Bugs n Bones. Im still at school so work at weekends and in the holidays - i really enjoy events.
  6. Jasmine
    Having owned my own crested gecko called Louise i fell in love with reptiles. I love to be creative so can be found doing face painting and glitter tattoos at Bugs n Bones events when im not helping with the animals
  7. Paige
    I have a small collection of animals and heard about Bugs n Bones through a friend. My favourite animals have to be geckos and despite handling the Bugs n Bones ones hope to have my own one day
  8. Tori
    I love the outdoors and forestry conservation. Working with Bugs n Bones gives me the opportunity to work alongside lots of animals you can find in the wild. I have a passion for bringing the world to children and this is a great way of doing it
  9. Sam
    I have studied animal care at Broomfield College and worked within reptile shops. My love of reptiles has bought me a blue tongue skink, tortoise, giant African land snails and a Wahlberg velvet gecko. I have a huge interest in bio set-ups and leaving nature to the cleaning job!